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Signature Group Counseling Packages

Are you a church or faith-based gym, wellness center, or organization that is looking to offer your members professional and cost-effective counseling programs?

What Is a Signature Group Counseling Series? 

SUGAR COUNSELING, LLC in Atlantic County, New Jersey offers 12-session group counseling series that devised into three specific quests for healing.

  • 4 sessions address physical health
  • 4 sessions address emotional health
  • 4 sessions address spiritual health

These sessions are weekly/biweekly and are held at the location of your organization. I come to you and your members! Here are the descriptions of the 4 Signature Group Counseling Series that I offer:

The Desirable Wives Club 12-Week Counseling Series

This series will support, prepare, and equip single, separated, or divorced women for entry/re-entry into a beautiful and powerful relationship of marriage, addressing the intimate needs of a woman as she jouneys through life on her quest for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Here, she will arrive at her destination to love again and embody the wife God has designed her to be.

Make Pain Pay With Purpose 12-Week Counseling Series

God does not allow us to experience trauma or tragedy to shake things up on earth due to boredom. Nothing we experience is ever wasted or purposeless. God is good all the time and everything has a purpose.

This series aim to educate, support, and guide you from a place of pain to a place of purpose.

R12 12-Week Couples Reconciliation Counseling Series

This intense series challenges the participants to consider love as an action and not merely a feeling of passion. When we DO LOVE, we display actions and behaviors that coincide with the ultimate goal. We make decisions not based on our emotional state but IN SPITE of our emotional state.

Where you learn that it is not your Condition that matters, but more importantly YOUR POSITION; giving way to a fresh start and a deeper form of individual discipline and intimacy with one another. You will explore your own expectations and the expectations of your spouse while developing your couple's plan for moving forward.

We Can Co-Parent! 12-Week Counseling Series

Every co-parent present will go on their own journey of healing and decide together how they will raise their children. There are influences everywhere like social media, television shows, and loved ones. Family court is designed to address family needs objectively wherein decisions are measurable.

What happens when the needs are more subjective and unmeasurable? What happens when the subjective issues like hurt and resentment are more than 80% of the problem? Well, the issue is still alive and what was decided in court will not be a resolution but will exist as a barrier and a tactic often utilized as a weapon.

Yes, court can be used as a weapon. This is where counseling is hugely beneficial to go along with you in your journey for resolution. Co-parents will be equipped with the tools to decide together the goals of working together. The best part about this series is the CREATIVITY achieved by both co-parents working together to fit no one's mold but their own in parenting their offspring!

Upon completion of the 12 sessions, a certificate of completion will be issued that will allow them to become a member of Sugar Counseling's monthly support groups: YANA support/Newly Purposed support at a discounted membership rate.

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