SUGAR Counseling, LLC

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Start With SUGAR!

Create a positive change in your life today! SUGAR Counseling, LLC, provides a range of therapy and counseling services in New Jersey.

The Shift 

The Shift is a unique approach that strengthens your foundation and creates order in your life journey. It is inspired by a statement in Hebrews 11:6 which says, “…anyone who comes to Him must believe that HE IS.” This verse provides a blueprint of how to approach problems and stressors.

The first session creates a therapeutic setting and an atmosphere conducive for Faith to be fueled and stay active. It is designed to hush your worries and anxieties, give you peace of mind, and bring you closer to God.

In essence, the Shift empowers you to bring problems and stressors to shift. Constantly focusing on problems and stressors make them bigger than they actually are. With the Shift approach, the focus is redirected to the problem solver, the one who is able to handle any situation.

Before discussing the reason for referral, doing intake, and gaining insight on the problem, the Shift approach is the signature experience of SUGAR Counseling. It creates order in the session, as well as life in moving forward.

The Therapeutic Techs

Therapeutic techs are individuals who assist me in your therapeutic journey. They help in various areas, such as:

  • Home Cleaning
  • Keeping Children and Pets Occupied

  • Food Preparation
  • Role-Playing Exercises During Therapy Sessions

SUGAR Counseling LLC developed therapeutic techs to provide you with additional interventions, when needed, to support your overall goals. To help you imagine such a situation, take the following as an example:

A goal is implemented for a family to have dinner once a week together. However, the family’s dining area is the laundry room! Or, a caregiver may struggle with depression and may work long hours.

It would be impossible for the family to create a dining area for family dinner. SUGAR goes beyond the office experience and aids in ensuring that the goals are obtainable with help from therapeutic techs. Therapeutic techs would come to the home and clean that area, creating a place for the family to enjoy a meal together.

Rates and Schedules

Initial sessions are $150, and time is reserved for 90 minutes. All subsequent sessions (individual, family, and group) last for 50 to 90 minutes. In group counseling, the therapist to client ratio is one to ten. I accept most insurance providers, and offer sliding scale to those who qualify.

  • Individual ($70 per session of 50 minutes)
  • Marital ($80 per session of 60-90 minutes)

  • Family ($90 per session of 60-90 minutes)
  • Bariatric Evaluation plus 2 sessions $450

SUGAR Group Packages 
All Signature Group Packages start at $350 accompanied with a handbook to go along on your 12 week journey to wellness!  

Desirable Wives Club

This is a 12-week series designed for single, separated, or divorced women entering or re-entering the powerful union of marriage. Here, you will journey through the quests for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing so you are prepared to enter marriage.

Make Pain Pay With Purpose
This is a 12-week series for individuals who have experienced past trauma. In this group, you will go on a journey embarking on your quest for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing so you prepared to meet purpose!

R12: Reconciliation
This is a 12-week series for couples who are seeking resolution to problems,   an increase intimacy and passion, to understand forgiveness and love, and to build positive communication skills.  


This is a 12-week series for co-parents to embark on a journey, not only for healing, but on a quest for balance, forgiveness, team building, positive communication in sharing responsibilities for their children.

Who Am I?
This is a 12-week series for children & Adolescents focusing on three areas: Identity, Emotional Wellness, and Resiliency. Children are separated into groups by grade: k-2nd; 3rd-6th grade; 7th-9th grade; 10th-12th grade. Participants learn how to effectively communicate feelings, self-regulate emotions, build self-esteem, and bounce back from life's challenges.

By Design
Facilitated by CEO/Pastor Darenda Wilson of DW Global Ministries, Inc
This is a 12-week series for individuals who seek to understand and fulfill their life's purpose, as they journey through the spiritual, emotional, and physical transformations of life, understanding the season they are in.  

YANA Support Groups

(Free; open to volunteers)

You Are Not Alone (YANA) Support Groups are free and are hosted by individuals like you and me, who struggle with life and its changes. YANA support takes place monthly at a YANA volunteer’s home or other meeting areas. Each month has a different theme. The topics can be simplistic or detailed, and sessions are supportive and informative.

YANA Support Group is open for volunteers. If you are interested in being one, get in touch with me right away.