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Changing Your Perspective

Find Motivation and Insightful Advice From My Books!

In addition to providing counseling services in Atlantic County, New Jersey through SUGAR Counseling, LLC, I write inspiring and thought-provoking books. Purchase my work on Amazon today.

Love Letters From Ishra: The Power of Transparency

Synopsis: Come take a journey through a foreign place called transparency, leading you to that special city of intimacy. Love Letters From Ishra is a compilation of letters the author has written to God. Through transparency, she finds herself at a place of choice called intimacy with the Lord.

The author poetically takes you through a journey through life’s changes and challenges where in this time, faith is tested and you find yourself at a place of choice. Do you trust what must take place? Do you trust the process?

Come take this journey as you see how the writer chooses to trust the process, as God prevails over her circumstances, changes her name, and thrusts her into purpose. Where transparency ushers in intimacy with our Father.

"She couldn't describe it, but the private time with God that author Danisha Reed

experiences regularly is like nothing else! Danisha shows trusting God for understanding, and being transparent in prayer, displays His eternal love for us!" 

– Reader Review

You Are Worth It!

Synopsis: Perhaps your waiting is not in vain. Perhaps, you are not even waiting at all! Take this journey as you begin to explore God’s plan for your marriage and what He has been up to in the meantime. See how a little tweak in your thinking will dramatically change your thoughts and thrust you into a season of preparation, self-love and focus.

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