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A Compassionate Professional Therapist You Can Trust

The Story

More than 5 years ago, one evening as I was leaving my home, my neighbor who lived across the street came running to me in what seemed to be a panic. She said, “Thank God you didn’t leave yet. Do you have sugar I can borrow?”

For a split second, I was confused. She was in a panic about sugar? She began to explain that she was baking and needed some sugar ASAP, and did not have time to run to the store. I gave her the sugar and wished her well. I then thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if all of our problems were about sugar?”

About 3 years later, God reminded me of that experience and answered that question. He said, “Yes!” Our problems, stressors, and life’s difficulties, with the guidance of our Father, can be as sweet and simple as… sugar! I began to explore different meanings for the acronym S.U.G.A.R and then it hit me—a light bulb moment—Synthesis Under God’s Authority Restored!

About SUGAR Counseling, LLC

I established SUGAR Counseling, LLC in November 2015. The therapeutic philosophy is holistic in that three interrelated perspectives are explored in therapy: the Existential (the person), the Situational (his/her world), and the Normative (his/her God) (John Frame, 1987).

SUGAR Counseling, LLC is client-centered and uses an eclectic approach that includes but is not limited to solution-focused brief therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Solution-focused brief therapy is goal-oriented and emphasizes on the desired outcome of therapy instead of the symptoms and problems that brings one to counseling. In this approach, the therapist assists the client in developing a vision for their future, determining what skills, resources, and abilities a person already possesses that can be enhanced in order to attain the desired outcome.

Meanwhile, in cognitive behavioral therapy, the client learns specific skills that they can use to challenge their thought process, identify distorted thinking, modify beliefs, relate to others in different ways, and change behaviors.

Although the therapist is guided by biblical principles, the therapist will be sensitive to your religious/cultural differences and perspectives. This practice adheres to the Code of Ethics prescribed by the American Psychological Association and the American Association of Christian Counseling. To view the code of ethics, log on to and to

My Mission

The mission of this practice is two-fold: one is to restore balance within the individual, marriage, and family by establishing order in their life—starting right from the first counseling session.

The second is to provide churches and organizations with a counseling practice that utilizes biblical principles in addressing the mental health issues of their community, making their service and shepherd duties more effective with a professional counseling approach they can trust.

“We as humans seek balance in our lives. When things are out of order or imbalanced, problems tend to arise, whether spiritually, socially, emotionally, or physically. With God’s help, we can regain balance in our lives. Believe it or not, there is an order to it!” – Danisha Reed

Reconciliation is Possible!

My Background

I, Danisha Reed, am a licensed professional counselor (LPC) in the state of New Jersey. I am also an approved clinical supervisor (ACS). I attended the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, now Stockton University, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2005. I obtained a Master’s degree in Human Services with a specialization in Counseling Studies from Capella University.

About “The Shift”

One unique practice I developed is the Shift Approach. This approach creates order and a foundation for the rest of the client’s journey of life. The biblical principle found in Hebrews 11:6 “…anyone who comes to Him must believe that HE IS…” This verse provides a blueprint on how one must approach their problems and stressors. This is the first step made in moving towards synthesis and order.

This is introduced in the first session and supported throughout the client’s counseling process, bringing problems and stressors to shift. Problems and stressors are made big through constant focus on them. However, with the Shift Approach, the focus is redirected to the problem solver, the one who is able to handle any situation.

The first session creates a therapeutic setting and atmosphere conducive for faith to be fueled and active, shifting our worries and anxieties, silencing them, and bringing them subject to God.

Before discussing the reason for referral, doing intake, and gaining insight on the problem, the Shift Approach is the signature experience at SUGAR Counseling, LLC— creating an order in the session as well as life in moving forward.

About Therapeutic Techs

Therapeutic techs are individuals who assist therapists in the therapeutic journey of every client. They assist in various areas such as but not limited to cleaning homes, keeping children and pets occupied, preparing food, and role playing exercises during therapeutic sessions.

SUGAR Counseling, LLC has therapeutic techs to provide clients in Atlantic County with additional interventions, when needed, to support their overall goals. For example: it is determined that the family should have dinner together once a week. However, the family’s dining area is actually the laundry room, and caregivers struggle with depression and work long hours.

It would be unrealistic for the family to create a dining area and cook meals, given their situation. SUGAR Counseling, LLC goes beyond the office setting and ensures that the goals are obtainable. Therapeutic techs would come to the client’s home and do what needs to be done so that the family can achieve their goal.

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