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Going Beyond the Office to Make Your Wellness Goals Achievable!

You Are Not Alone. Let Us Fight Your Battles Together!

There are times when problems and negative thoughts pile up and become too much to handle. When it feels like respite is out of reach, some people may resort to coping mechanisms that are more harmful than good. Seeking help from a licensed professional counselor like me is the best decision to make, especially when it comes to your mental health.

Hi, I’m Danisha Reed of SUGAR Counseling, LLC. I create a safe space where clients can share their troubles without fear of being judged. Whether you need help processing emotions, setting and achieving goals, or restoring balance to your overall well-being, I can suggest healthy and proven methods. I can provide my counseling services to individuals, couples, groups, and families in Atlantic County, New Jersey.



Marital and Family Relationships


Stress Reduction

Connect With Me on Social Media!

Once a month, I go live on Facebook with my show “SUGARTALK,” where I answer questions and concerns from people. Follow me @sugarcounseling and ask me anything!

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